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Light Cube

A cube that is a light switch

Giving a creative designer like Luka Or the Light Cube invites trouble! Luka "broke" the structure of the cube, making it both its own switch and lampshade. Being the last cube we designed, it took an effort to "break out of the cube" and find solutions for it's functionality.

Luka wanted a specific feel for the bulb itself and the light it emits. We experimented with different car bulbs, but all of them took more "juice" than our batteries could supply, so they didn't light. Finally, Luka found a low power bulb that both gave a nice light that we could look at without feeling blinded, and had the right shape and style.


(1x) Light Bulb

(1x) Microswitch

(1x) 7.2V Li-Po Battery

(1x) 5.5/2.1mm Jack Socket