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Counter Cube

Just counts the number of times it was pressed

The counter cube was created both for stress-release from the pressure caused by the technologically-challenging cubes, and as a simple yet interesting interaction between people across time.

The counter itself was scavenged from an old photocopier, and inherently had the feature of only incrementing by 1 for every electric pulse (of 12V) reaching it - with no effect of the pulse's length. So we were almost there. What was required, however, was careful disassembly for resetting the accumulated number (which at that point referred to the number of pages copied by the deceased machine). Thinking about it now - it could be fun to build an automatic re-setter, which would increment it's number to 000000 again (around 650,000 "presses").

Only other thing needed to complete the cube was a push-button. Schematics are too simple to waste time on...


(1x) Reused Page Counter from Copy Machine

(1x) Pushbutton

(1x) 10.8 Li-Po Battery

(1x) Audio Jack Socket