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Connect Cube

Connecting the two dots on this cube closes the circuit

For the "Connect" cube, we bought a 'Drawdio' kit and used its electronic circuit. The 'Drawdio' behavior gave the cube the potential to be interesting to play with - both for individuals and for groups of people holding hands and thus closing the circle (the circuit).

The interesting part was the design, as Michal thought of different ways to engage the users. The original 'Drawdio' let users change the tone by changing the length and width of the line drawn by a pencil, and this could be translated into lots of interesting compositions of electrodes on the cube's surface. After many sketches, the selected composition was the simplest one: 2 points on the cube's top face. The tone is changed both by the character of the touch and the resistance of conductors (people + objects involves in closing the circle). For example, closing the circle by 2 people each holding one finger to an electrode and the other hand to the ground, produces an very low tone.

A nice anecdote was the selection of material for electrodes: We wanted it to be nice to feel, have good conductivity, a low corrosion and a good look. After a few tests and indecision, someone brought up the idea of using coins! so, the cubes electrodes are made out of two smoothed brass 10 cent coins...


(1x) Drawdio Module

(2x) Smoothed 10Ag Brass Coins

(1x) 7.2V Li-Po Battery

(1x) 5.5/2.1mm Jack Socket