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About the Cubes

By Eran Gal-Or, Michal Rinott, Shachar Geiger, and Luka Or

Originally commissioned to the Interaction Lab Holon Institute of Technology by Design Museum Holon with generous support from the Porter Foundation.

CUBES is a collection of 20 transparent cubes, each of which presents a different, simple and poetic interaction. CUBES celebrates the marriage of action and reaction and its potential for engagement and pleasure. We abstracted the interactive object into the simplest of forms: a cube. Keeping the form fixed allows us to explore the intricacies of behavior, in a collection of 20 objects with very different personalities. We made the cubes transparent to reveal what is usually hidden, and to celebrate the beauty and richness of the world of electronic components.

Our cubes are built to be played with. Each has a word on it – tap, shake, push, make shade – that calls to action, but leaves room for exploration. We invite visitors to the installation to engage with them and discover what each does. Those who engage even further will discover opportunities for inter-relationships between the cubes and for co-action with other visitors.

Making these 20 objects was a lot of work! We asked people from our community of our lab to adopt a cube and implement its behavior. We call them the Cube People! CUBES is built on open source hardware and shared knowledge. The information in this website is free for your use, under the CC license.

The CUBES project was born in the summer of 2011, when we were commissioned by the Design Museum Holon to create a project that would be part of the exhibition “Decode”, visiting from the Victoria and Albert museum in London. Since then it has been presented in the TEI 2013 conference in Barcelona and in the Ars Electronica campus exhibition in Linz, Austria (2013).

For inquiries about the project please write to

By Eran Gal-Or, Michal Rinott, Shachar Geiger, Luka Or and the Cube People!

In order to make our 20 cubes, we asked 10 makers from our community to be “cube people”,
meaning they adopt a cube and implement the behavior of one cubes in electronics and code.

They are:
Udi Oren (Balloon Cube, SMS Cube)
Idit Minka (RGB Cube)
Michael Harari (Ruler Cube)
Liron Hefetz (Cricket Cube)
Yonatan Ward & Gil Adam (Knock Cube)
Leor Weinstein (Recording Cube)
Guy Izoun (Storm Cube)
Yair Reshef (Swing Cubes)
Liat Ackerman (Imagine Cube)
Maya Avni (Dizzy Cube)

Cubes in the Decode Exhibition, Design Museum Holon, 2011.
Photograph: Shay Ben Efraim